A Commitment To Client Service

Practicing law is more than a business; it is a profession guided by principles of integrity and professionalism. We believe strongly in providing our clients with the highest levels of service. Anyone who has been injured in an accident is going through a tough time. We know that simply talking to your lawyer about your case can provide peace of mind. One of our attorneys will be ready to answer your questions or address your concerns.

Goeing Goeing & McQuinn - attorneys at law

Taking Effective Action In Litigation And Negotiations

In any personal injury or wrongful death claim, your lawyer must be willing and able to present a strong case at trial. Many times, this is the only way for the insurance company to take a claim seriously. We are skilled litigators who prepare every case knowing that trial is possible.

We also know that many claims will not go to trial, and in fact, many of our clients prefer not to deal with the uncertainty and delay of litigation. If a settlement is in your best interests, we will build a strong case so we can negotiate from a position of strength. However your case proceeds, you can have confidence that we will have your best interests at heart.