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Kentucky Medical Malpractice Attorneys Talk about Medication Errors

When you go to a doctor, a hospital, or another place where medical care is available, you trust that the medical professionals that you see there will give you the help that you need. Most of the time, medical professionals do their work correctly and help those […]

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Kentucky Trucking Accident Attorneys Discuss Accidents Caused by Mechanical Failures

Tractor trailers not only look different from other vehicles on the road, they are made differently, too. The big rigs that you see traveling the highways are designed for the long haul, and they are made from components that are built to withstand heavy loads, long distance […]

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The Case of Tracey Morgan: A Lesson for Kentucky Drivers Semi-Truck Rear End Crashes

It made headlines across the country: “Tracey Morgan,” famous comedian and actor on the popular program “3rd Rock,” was seriously injured due to a Walmart semi-truck rear ending his limousine. The serious injury and fatal crash caused a four car pile up on the New Jersey Turnpike. […]

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Can Red Light Cameras Prevent Car Accidents in Kentucky?

How often have you been driving when you see someone who has run a red light? Most of the time, they’re either talking on the phone, distracted, or are purposefully trying to run it so that they can get to their final destination on time. Notwithstanding these […]

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The Potential Costly Mistakes of Medical Malpractice in Kentucky

Imagine that you go in for a seemingly simple standard medical procedure, but you develop blood poisoning and gangrene and nearly die. This was the case of Stacey Gallette, a 33 year old woman from Long Island, New York. Specifically, during a laparoscopic removal of an ectopic […]

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Treating Spinal Cord Injuries after a Kentucky Car Accident

Spinal cord injuries can result from a quick, traumatic blow to your spine that can fracture, displace and/or compress one or more of your vertebrae. Spinal cord injuries range from relatively mild ligament and muscle strains to devastating spinal cord injuries, including complete or partial paralysis.  A […]

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