Special Issues And Hazards Involved In Kentucky Intersection Accidents

Special Issues And Hazards Involved In Kentucky Intersection Accidents

While motor vehicle collisions can happen anywhere on the roads and highways of Winchester or the areas surrounding Clark County, KY, intersections pose a particular risk because motorists and pedestrians are placed directly in the path of other vehicles. Many intersection accidents in Kentucky result in permanent physical impairment and even death. The factors that may contribute to actions at intersections include speeding, inattention, unsafe roadway design, poor vehicle maintenance and violations of traffic safety laws.

High level of awareness and caution necessary when navigating intersections

When drivers approach an intersection, it is especially important to be alert.Distracted or intoxicated driversmay fail to obey stop signs, yield signs and traffic signals. When a driver blows through a red light or stop sign, the risk of running down a pedestrian in a crosswalk or colliding with a cyclists or car in the middle of the intersection is extremely high.

Because intersections are designed to coordinate traffic crossing paths, drivers who fail to pay attention or who drive too fast to stop when a traffic light changes may T-bone a car in the intersection. Drivers that do not pay attention to cross traffic when moving in a perpendicular direction or making a left turn may be involved in a collision resulting in permanent injury if they do not carefully obey traffic signs or signals.

Special liability rules for public entities charged with maintaining safe intersections

While most intersection accidents are caused by inattentive or careless drivers, malfunctioning traffic signals may also contribute to side impact accidents in intersections. Improperly placed traffic signs or faulty signals may confuse drivers and result in chaos. Traffic signals are electronic devices that can malfunction misleading a driver into presuming that they may enter the intersection when it is not actually safe.

Governmental entities are responsible for the safe design of intersections and proper maintenance of traffic signals. When a public entity does not provide reasonably safe intersections or fails to repair malfunctioning traffic signals within a reasonable period of time, the public entity may also share liability. However, there are special rules and shorter deadlines for pursuing claims against public entities so it is imperative to seek legal advice immediately.

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