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  • Car Accident

    Jefferson Circuit Court Client, Husband, Two Children v. Other Driver

    Our Client's Family was struck in the rear while stopped on a highway exit. Our Client suffered a tear of her rotator cuff. Negotiation was unsuccessful and suit was filed. At mediation the Defense for the first time pulled out a medical record that had a clear scriveners error by a nurse and asserted it as a full defense to their claim. We immediately got up and were ready to leave the mediation. After Defense confirmed they only had authority to offer 15% of their limits to settle the claim we left. Mediation had lasted 20 minutes. We subsequently obtained a letter from the treatment provider explaining the obvious scriveners error. The case then settled for the full amount of the policy limits.

  • Car Accident

    Fayette County Kentucky Client v. Other Driver

    Our Client was hit head on by the Driver of another vehicle. Our client suffered many injuries including episodes of seizures. Our Client originally went to one of the big TV ad firms in July of 2013 the same month the accident occurred. After the big TV ad firm worked on the case for 19 months they obtained an offer of almost $30,000 from the insurer and advised the client to accept. Fortunately Our Client decided to get a second opinion and came to our office. Our office obtained a complete set of medical records and three months after she walked into our office the insurance company offered to settle for more than three times what they had previously offered our client.

    The Big TV AD firm then sought to collect an attorney's lien of $9,865.33 for their work on the case. In Kentucky you can only have an attorney's lien for a reasonable amount. After requesting an invoice of how the firm obtained the $9,865.33 number it was revealed they could only provide evidence of work that added up to $8,544.75. It was discovered that in computing this number they were also billing their time to their former client at $667/hr. Shortly after this we settled their attorney's lien for a fraction of what they originally demanded.

  • Car Accident

    Clark County Circuit Court Client v. Other Driver and Other Driver's Insurer

    Our Client's car was being driven by his Wife when she approached a four way stop. As she moved forward a car approached from the right and struck the right rear of her vehicle. The Defendant's insurer contended their insured had the right of way. After obtaining photos of the four way stop in question it was obvious the intersection was too small for Our Client's vehicle to have traveled all the way across the intersection before being hit if the two cars arrived at the same time. The Insurance Company refused to settle and suit was filed. The other driver immediately settled his portion of the case and paid for the damage to the Client's vehicle. The case proceeded against the other Driver's insurance company on the basis that they had acted in bad faith in negotiating the claim. At their deposition the insurance company's adjuster admitted there were ethics rule involved in adjusting automobile claims but they didn't know what they were or where to find them. The insurance company then settled the case in a confidential settlement.

  • Explosion Accident
    Client was in a home that exploded due to a build up of Propane Gas. The Propane Gas Company that delivered propane to the home had been alerted to the leak and chose to not do a proper inspection. After the explosion the Propane Gas company showed up within hours, cut all of the propane pipes and appliances out of the rubble left from the explosion. They then placed all of the items on a pickup truck and drove off with them. Our client painfully held on to life for almost two months before succumbing to her injuries. This case was litigated for 2 years and then ultimately settled with multiple parties for an 8 figure number.
  • Explosion Accident

    Powell County Circuit Court Clients v. 4 Propane Gas Related Companies

    This father and son were in a house that exploded due to a propane gas leak. The Propane supplier and appliance manufacturers were sued. There was a dispute as to the source of the leak. It was clear however that our clients were not the cause of this explosion and ultimately a settlement of 7 figures was reached for each client.

  • Medical Malpractice

    Fayette Circuit Court Client v. Hospital

    Our Client had just given birth to her child in the Hospital when an ice pack was improperly used in her postpartum care. This resulted in a frost burn which lead to several months of uncomfortable sensations and a permanent scar. After the suit was filed and the nurses from the hospital were deposed this suit settled for a confidential amount.

  • Medical Malpractice

    Fayette Circuit Court Client v. Treatment Provider

    Our Client was seeking mental health treatment at the provider's business. The provider's employee began manipulating our client into meeting at Our Client's home, into paying the provider in cash and loaning her a car. The Provider denied any wrongdoing. This case was settled confidentially.

  • Motorcycle Accident

    Fayette County Kentucky Settled Prior to Litigation

    Our Client was riding a motorcycle when the Driver of a car ran a red light and struck his motorcycle. Our client suffered severe injuries. The Defendant Driver only had minimal limits of insurance coverage ($25,000). The Driver's insurer offered these limits immediately. We then negotiated with our client's under-insured carrier who after a few months of negotiating offered their full policy limits which our client accepted.

  • Truck Accidents

    Grant County Circuit Court Client v. Other Driver

    Our Client was driving North on I-75 when he struck the rear end of a construction area refueling truck. Our Client suffered an injury to his knee. The driver of the refueling truck sued our client. We responded with a counter claim. It was soon discovered the re-fueling truck was missing statutorily required reflective tape and was using an improper entryway to the access the Interstate. Ultimately Our Client settled for six times the medical bills to treat his injuries.

  • Wrongful Death

    Pike County Circuit Court Wrongful Death Claim Estate v. Hospital and Three Doctors

    Our Client an 80 year old woman was admitted to the Hospital for a UTI infection. Upon being admitted her methotrexate medication for Rheumatoid Arthritis was increased in dosage from one a week to once a day. She took this medication daily for 9 days. Methotrexate is basically a poison that kills fast dividing cells. This increase in dosage doomed Our Client and while she was transferred to another Hospital nothing could be done.

    After 60 days of agony Our Client passed away. Suit was filed against the Hospital, the admitting Doctor who had altered the dosage and then went on vacation, the Doctor who filled in for the admitting physician and the Dermatologist who missed the unmistakeable signs of methotrexate poisoning. After filing suit the Hospital and the admitting Doctor settled quickly. A Trial commenced with the remaining two Doctors but after Five days of trial their claims settled as well for a confidential amount.

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