Safety Tips For Driving In Kentucky Highway Work Zones

Safety Tips For Driving In Kentucky Highway Work Zones

The laws aimed at protecting workers within Kentucky highway work zones exist not only to keep highway repair and construction workers safe, but also drivers as well. Pursuant to Kentucky law, drivers may receive double fines for speeding in work zones, whether or not there are construction signs and/or workers present. While slowing down in Kentucky work zones is certainly the best thing you can do to avoid accidents, there are many other things to consider that can also help keep you, and road workers, out of harm's way. These are as follows:

  • The traffic pattern in a highway work zone may be drastically different from the way it was before the work zone was created. For instance, lane shifts, reductions in the amount of lanes, lane splits, and other changes to the flow of traffic can take drivers by surprise - sometimes leading to serious accidents. When drivers abide by the reduced speed limits that apply to Kentucky work zones, they are better able to notice and respond to traffic pattern and other dramatic changes.
  • Drivers need to take extra precautions while driving through Kentucky work zones so that they can navigate the work area in a safe and effective manner. Drivers can reduce the level of distraction that they experience by turning off their radios, minimizing or eliminating conversation with passengers, and focusing their attention on the road to avoid injuries to workers and other drivers.
  • Following other drivers too closely is dangerous and illegal at any time, but especially within Kentucky work zones. When a driver follows too closely behind the vehicle in front of them, they can cause a rear end collision should the driver need to stop quickly. In a work zone - where traffic is often limited to one lane - one driver tailgating can cause a rear end collision, which can cause a devastating chain reaction of additional accidents. With this in mind, it is best to avoid tailgating and other dangerous driving habits within a work zone.
  • Kentucky highway work zones are frequently altered and rearranged as the highway projects progress through various stages of completion. When you enter a work zone, pay close attention to all signs and signals because even if you have passed through that same work zone before, changes may have been made to the lane configuration, the speed, and even the direction of the road.

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