Highway Work Zone Accidents

Highway Work Zone Accidents

Throughout the year, in all kinds of weather, and at all times of the day and night, road construction workers carry out the enormous task of keeping roads, bridges, and highways throughout the state in good repair. The constant maintenance and repair that occurs on Kentucky roads benefits everyone, even though driving through construction zones while road work is taking place can be time consuming and irksome. Unfortunately, road construction does pose safety risks to both construction workers and drivers, and work accidents and fatalities do sometimes occur.

Risks to Construction Workers

The workers who labor each day to make the roads safer and easier to travel put their lives on the line every time they go to work. Not only are they exposed to dangers within their work area, such as heavy equipment and the risk of falling, they are exposed to risks that are caused by the actions of people who drive through the work zone while they are on the job. Some of the things that cause accidents in and around highway work zones include confusion due to changing traffic patterns, distracted driving, construction vehicles entering or leaving the roadway, and drivers' failure to slow down or change lanes as directed by signs or flaggers. Accidents involving workers in road construction zones often cause serious injury, and, in many cases, death.

Risks to Drivers

Drivers are at an increased risk for accidents when they drive through a highway work zone. Many of us drive the same way to work each day, and sudden changes to the traffic pattern may catch us off guard. At other times, distractions can pull our attention away from the road for just long enough for a lane closure, speed reduction, or other necessary course correction to be missed. Because of these factors and others, your risk of being involved in an accident is increased as you drive through road construction zones. The accidents that occur in work zones often involve serious injury and death, not only for drivers and their passengers, but for highway construction workers inside of the work zone area. Whenever you are out on the road, keep yourself and highway workers safe by paying close attention to your surroundings so that you can respond safely to the signs, flashing lights, and other things that signal the presence of work zones.

Goeing Goeing McQuinn PLLC: Helping Highway Work Zone Accident Victims throughout Kentucky

Accidents that occur in areas where road work is in progress are dangerous and they are often deadly. Whether you have been injured in a work zone accident, or you have lost someone that you love as the result of a crash in a work zone, a personal injury attorney can help you to pursue a settlement that will compensate you for your injury or loss. The personal injury attorneys at Goeing Goeing and McQuinn PLLC would like to offer you a free consultation so please call us today, or visit our website to learn more.


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