Careful Riding Can Make Cyclists Less Vulnerable

Careful Riding Can Make Cyclists Less Vulnerable

Many of Lexington's citizens enjoy bicycling both for exercise and as a low-cost means of transportation. Students in particular often find bicycles their best option for getting to and from class. But all bicyclists, young and old, must take the proper precautions to decrease the likelihood of being in accidents with motor vehicles.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wants the public to understand that bicycles are viewed as vehicles and riders have responsibilities when traveling on the roadways. And to this end, the NHTSA offers a number of important tips for cyclists.

First, always be alert to your surroundings. Watch out for railroad tracks, potholes, wet leaves and other hazards that could cause you to fall. Put enough space between your bike and parked cars so as to avoid hitting any doors that suddenly swing open. Keep your ears open to hear traffic and don't wear headphones when riding.

You also want to ride straight and avoid dodging between cars. Signal your intentions to others and make only predictable maneuvers. And when making turns onto other streets, take a quick look to the rear to make sure you have a break in traffic.

As a bicyclist, it is in your best interest to ride carefully and obey all traffic regulations. But motorists have a duty of care to watch out for you and respect your rights on the road. If you or a family member should ever be injured by the negligent acts of a driver, you may want to have a Kentucky personal injury attorney work on your behalf as you seek appropriate compensation. An attorney can assess your injuries and future needs and help you get the funds you need to cover your medical and other associated expenses.


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