Pokemon Go Driving Motorists To Distraction And Into Accidents

Pokemon Go Driving Motorists To Distraction And Into Accidents

Seemingly, the very last thing the world needs is yet another way to distract drivers. As it stands, far too many people busy themselves with making cell phone calls, texting, eating, grooming and other activities that cause them to take their hands off their steering wheels and eyes off the road. And now we must also add another distraction to the list: Pokemon Go.

If you haven't heard, Pokemon Go is a smartphone game app that has become extremely popular of late. The app, which is based on the Pokemon card game, requires players to physically travel to different locations where they can virtually "catch" various Pokemon characters. This is all good fun for players who are on foot, but it is a whole other matter for drivers.

In fact, there have already been accidents involving the game reported. For example, in New York, a driver was so engrossed by the app that he crashed into a tree and had to be treated for injuries at a hospital. Even north of the border they are having problems. Two Canadian police officers suffered injuries when their patrol car was struck by a driver who readily admitted to playing the game while driving.

It is quite likely that by the time you read this post you will have heard even more stories of negligent drivers causing accidents and injuries while playing Pokemon Go. And there is simply no excuse for this sort of lapse of judgment and those who harm others with their reckless behavior should be held accountable.

If you have been injured on the roads of Kentucky by a distracted driver and want to be sure you get a settlement that covers your costs for medical and other expenses, you may wish to contact a personal injury attorney. An attorney can help assess your financial needs brought on by the accident and work with insurance companies in an effort to maximize your settlement.


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