New Motorcycle Technologies Can Improve Rider Safety

New Motorcycle Technologies Can Improve Rider Safety

What comprises a motorcycle? Well, typically, you've got two wheels, an engine, a seat and few other fundamental necessities. This basic design has pleased riders for years. But there is always room for improvement, even for something as wonderful as the motorcycle. And there are some amazing new developments in motorcycle technology that can help you ride more safely.

For example, perhaps you have trouble riding after the sun goes down. Taking curves can be especially dangerous in the dark because your headlight shines on only a portion of the road. Moreover, you also have to be aware of hard-to-see hazards such as animals that you may not realize are in your path until it is too late.

But a Milwaukee-based company has a possible solution in the form of an adaptive headlight system. It is reported that this system uses sensors to redirect the headlight beam as you proceed through the curve, thus adjusting the light in a way that allows you to see more.

And of course, it is critical that you stay upright as you ride. This means you need your motorcycle to remain stable and balanced. Like the aforementioned headlight system, a system called "Bosch Stability Control" uses sensors to control and make corrections that will help prevent riders from falling.

While the advent of such new technologies is exciting and could eventually help keep riders safe in the saddle, the fact is that motorcyclists will always be vulnerable when in accidents. A motorcycle accident can leave a rider with broken bones, lacerations, and even brain injuries. Recovery from such injuries typically requires extensive medical treatment.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, you may want to secure the services a personal injury attorney who can help ensure you receive an appropriate level of compensation from the insurance companies involved in your settlement.


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