Kentucky Truck Accident Leaves Two Dead, Two Injured

Kentucky Truck Accident Leaves Two Dead, Two Injured

The road hosts many different vehicles at any given time, and the differences in each of these vehicles can have a significant effect on how an accident might play out. Vehicles of a similar size going a relatively slow speed, for instance, might cause minor injuries and damage in the event of an accident. But change one of those vehicles into a motorcycle, and suddenly a low-speed accident could be fatal. And of all the different types of vehicles, there is perhaps nothing more significant than a tractor-trailer.

If you were to view the cars on the road as part of a food chain, large trucks would undoubtedly be at the very top. Their sheer size is often enough to ensure not only that the trucks themselves and their occupants suffer little or no damage in the event of an accident, but also that any vehicle unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of a truck accident will be lucky to survive the encounter. Take, for instance, the recent collision that occurred in Kentucky.

According to reports, two victims were recently pronounced dead following an accident in which their vehicle collided with a truck. Two other victims were hospitalized. State police are currently investigating the incident to determine what caused the accident, but the truck driver received only minor injuries.

There is a reason that truck drivers must acquire special licensing to operate their vehicles: failure to operate a truck properly could result in the severe or fatal injury of other drivers. Injuries suffered in a truck accident could change a victim's life, and even make it difficult or impossible to find gainful employment. That is why if you have been the victim of a truck accident, it is recommended that you consult with an attorney about pursuing legal action and recovering compensation from the party or parties who were at fault in your accident.

Source: Kentucky New Era, "2 killed in traffic accident in Hardin County," Jun 5, 2016


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