Motorcyclist In Critical Condition After Kentucky Accident

Motorcyclist In Critical Condition After Kentucky Accident

Nearly every driver in the country has some level of anxiety when getting behind the wheel because we all know that the possibility of a motor vehicle accident is very real. But for motorcyclists, the road is a completely different place. Car drivers and truck operators inhabit a road in which an accident is avoidable as long as they pay close attention, and if an accident does occur, chances are relatively low that it will cause serious injury. This is not the case for motorcyclists.

Anyone who has ever been on a motorcycle and shared the highway with other vehicles knows that an accident is not an easily avoidable matter because it sometimes feels as though other drivers are actually trying to hit you. The truth is that oftentimes other drivers simply do not even detect motorcyclists, either because they are not used to looking for them, or because the smaller bikes inhabit blind spots in the driver's vision. Additionally, even the slightest bump could lead to catastrophic injuries for bikers.

We were recently reminded of just how true these conditions are when a biker was struck on Interstate 75 in Kentucky. Reports state that the accident happened in the early morning when a Chevrolet Cobalt changed lanes and struck a motorcyclist. The biker was taken to a nearby Medical Center where he is suffering from multiple injuries.

Officials are investigating the accident, and it is hard to tell exactly what happened at this moment, but the reports indicate that the car simply changed into the biker's lane. It is possible that the driver did not even see the motorcyclist and thought the lane was empty, but the investigation will likely reveal the true circumstances. Regardless, this incident should serve as a reminder to drivers to look carefully for bikers. Motorcyclists should remember to exercise caution, and if you are ever the victim of an accident in which you are not at fault, consider contacting an attorney who could help you recover compensation for your injuries.

Source: Lex18, "Crash Causes Traffic Headache On I75 In Madison County," May 13, 2016


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