Where To Turn When A Drunk Driver Derails Your Life

Where To Turn When A Drunk Driver Derails Your Life

You never think, when you do something as mundane as turn the key in the ignition, that making this decision may result in the death of the passengers in the car seats behind you. Such an action should not have such consequences. However, it was not your actions that directly led to the consequences the day would bring.

It was the actions of the driver of the other car. The one that pummeled out of nowhere into your lane head on, or the one that ran into you from behind and pushed you into an 18-wheeler in front of you. It was the actions of the driver who swerved into your lane causing you to veer and lose control, your vehicle rolling over multiple times before coming to a stop. It was that driver that can backtrack to what initial action lead to the destruction and utter devastation of so many precious lives. Ultimately, it was the driver that got behind the wheel of a car after consuming alcoholic drinks.

Totally preventable and totally infuriating, you probably harbor guilt despite the fact that you never could have known what would happen. When a drunk driver derails your life, you are left with anger and frustration and guilt in addition to substantial medical bills, funeral expenses, rehabilitation expenses, vehicle repair and likely even the cost of psychological counseling. You are out a vehicle, you have lost days at work, you may have even lost your job without a reliable mode of transportation.

When you have nowhere to turn, you can find solace and help in the hands of the Lexington law firm of Goeing Goeing & McQuinn PLLC. We will work diligently for you to hold the reckless, negligent and drunk driver accountable for the profound impact they have made on your life and the life of those you hold dear.


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