Log Books Are Vital For Determining Cause Of Truck Accidents

Log Books Are Vital For Determining Cause Of Truck Accidents

An important part of any truck accident investigation involves gaining access to the information contained in the truck driver's log book. All drivers are required by law to keep an accurate record of their actions while on the road. A driver must document the time he or she spends on-duty driving, off-duty, sleeping and on-duty but not driving.

In paper log books, truck drivers track their actions on a graph that is segmented with 15-minute intervals. The log entries must also contain the applicable dates, times and locations that comprised the driver's activities. And a driver must sign the log to certify the accuracy of its contents.

Additionally, the logbook contains information regarding inspections and maintenance issues. So as you can see, the book can provide a wealth of information for a truck accident case. From the contents of the log, an attorney may be able to glean if a driver had exceeded his or her hours of service limits or if the truck had known mechanical problems that should have been addressed.

But trucking companies and drivers are also aware of how information in a truck log could impact a truck accident lawsuit. As such, they may attempt to alter the contents of the log to hide incriminating evidence and avoid liability. Therefore, if you or a family member has been involved in a truck accident, it is imperative that you act quickly to secure the information contained in the driver's log book.

An experienced truck accident attorney can not only acquire the contents of the logbook, but other documentation, such as email correspondence, hotel receipts, and fuel receipts that can help paint an accurate picture of the driver and the truck prior to the accident. With this and other critical information, the attorney can build a case aimed at getting you appropriate compensation.


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