What Route Should My Child Take To School?

What Route Should My Child Take To School?

If you live close enough to your child's school, it is quite possible that he or she is able to walk or ride a bike to class. And if your child is just starting school, you may be walking him or her there yourself. Typically, escorting your child is a good idea for a while, but at some point, all children want to walk by themselves or with their friends. And while this is quite normal, as a parent you may still worry about your child's safety.

Your primary concern is likely the traffic that your child will encounter while making the trip. But while you are still walking with your child, you can map out the safest possible route. The National Center for Safe Routes to School makes the following suggestions for choosing the route you want your child to take:

  • Pick a route that does not have high-speed or busy streets to cross.
  • Whenever possible, the child should be able to walk on a path or sidewalk that is away from traffic.
  • If a path or sidewalk is not available, instruct the child to walk on the side of the road that faces traffic and as far away from the traffic as possible.
  • Choose the route that has the fewest number of streets to cross. And whenever possible, have the child cross in areas that have adult crossing guards.

As your child grows older, he or she will develop the skills necessary to make good decisions when walking to school. But at first, it's very important to keep things as simple and safe as possible.

Unfortunately, any child could be the victim of an auto-pedestrian accident if a negligent driver is not careful while driving through a school zone or any area where children are walking. And a child could suffer devastating injuries if struck by a motor vehicle.

If your child was injured by an automobile while walking, a Kentucky personal injury attorney could help you pursue appropriate compensation. The attorney could investigate the case and work with insurance companies or perhaps file a civil suit against the driver to get you the recompense your child needs for treatment and recovery.


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