How Do I Know My Personal Injury Settlement Offer is Fair?

How Do I Know My Personal Injury Settlement Offer is Fair?

If you’ve been injured in an accident, you will likely find yourself dealing with insurance companies. These companies may push to settle out of court, and may not offer you an amount that will cover your existing and future medical expenses that are related to the accident. You may need help to determine whether the offer is a fair one. A qualified personal injury attorney can help you decide if your settlement is fair. Your decision should be guided by several factors.

What is a Fair Settlement?

A fair settlement should be one that compensates you for your medical expenses related to the accident, including potential future costs. While an ideal settlement would compensate you for your past and future medical expenses and your pain and suffering, you are settling, which may mean accepting an amount that is less than your ideal amount. Your lawyer can help you determine whether an offer is fair and will meet your need appropriately.

Your settlement offer will be calculated based on several variables, including:

  • Where you live
  • The length of your treatment
  • The extent of your injuries
  • The amount of healing that has happened
  • If your property damage claims have been resolved
  • The policy limits of the adverse party

What to Consider Before Settling

Before you accept your settlement, you should consider several issues to determine if your settlement offer is fair. You attorney can help you answer these questions and provide advice regarding your decision to settle.

What is the Extent of My Injuries?

The extent of your injuries can influence the length of your treatment and recovery, as well as the cost of your treatment. Minor injuries may already be healed before a settlement offer is even made, while more severe injuries may never be fully healed. Keep track of your treatment, medical bills, and appointments to document your injuries for the insurance company. You should also document travel expenses to and from appointments, lost wages and time taken off work for appointments, and other expenses that have resulted from your accident.

Specific damages, such as your medical bills or lost wages, are easy to quantify and prove to insurance. More generalized damages, such as emotional trauma or pain and suffering can be more difficult to demonstrate. If you are actively seeking treatment, it is more likely that you will be awarded these damages.

How Healed Am I?

If your injuries still need time to heal completely, you may be denying yourself compensation for this additional time and expense. If you aren’t healed or are uncomfortable with the amount of treatment you have received, it may be best to wait to settle your claim. If you are healed, or you are still undergoing treatment but are willing to settle, you should be sure to account for future medical costs that may result from the accident as well as damages for pain and suffering. Discuss the extent of your injuries and your prognosis with your physician, and talk to your attorney about what your future medical expenses may be.

Have I Received Adequate Treatment?

Your treatment for your injuries can cost you thousands of dollars. If your treatment is not yet complete, you may be denying yourself much-needed compensation when you settle. Your treatment is necessary to make a claim, so it is important to make sure that you seek treatment for your injuries immediately and continue seeking treatment as long as you are still recovering from your injuries. Services like chiropractic care, rehabilitation, physical therapy, and in-home assistance can be claimed as a part of your injury claim. Ensure that you have sought treatment from all available sources, and have attended appointments with any specialists or therapists your doctor has given you a referral for.

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