Can I File a Premises Liability Claim for Negligent Security?

Can I File a Premises Liability Claim for Negligent Security?

If you were injured or your property was damaged because of failed security, you might be able to file a premises liability claim for the resulting damages. Whether you are at home, at the mall, or a friend’s apartment, on most premises you should be granted a certain degree of safety. If security cameras, gates, alarms, or security guards fail, the property owner might be held liable. Unfortunately, if security is lacking or altogether missing, it could put you in serious danger.

 Common instances of negligent security include:

  • Poorly maintained or missing security cameras
  • Failure to respond to a security alert
  • Badly lit or unlit areas, such as alleys or parking lots
  • Hiring unqualified or poorly trained security
  • Negligent or careless security guards
  • Failure to fix security measures, including gates, locks, windows, fences, doors, etc.
  • Inadequate or malfunctioning alarm system

Proving Liability

Property owners are responsible for what takes place on their property. If a robbery, assault, or injury takes place because of any carelessness or negligence on their part, the property owner could be held liable for the resulting damage. That being said, property managers and owners are not always expected to provide extensive security for the visitors and tenants on their property. However, if security measures are in place or agreed upon, the owner may be expected to maintain existing securities and provide standard safety measures. Usually this includes providing lighting in dark areas, fixing broken doors and windows, and maintaining locks. If someone breaks in and injures, robs, assaults, or otherwise harms the tenant or visitor, the property manager may be held liable.

If you were injured because of the negligent or inadequate security provided at a commercial or residential property, you may be eligible to seek compensation for damages. Whether you were

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