Distracted Driving to Blame for Rise in Car Accidents

Distracted Driving to Blame for Rise in Car Accidents

The National Safety Council recently reported that traffic deaths peaked in 2016. While cars are becoming safer with more advanced equipment and technology, it seems puzzling that traffic deaths keep rising. Shouldn’t better safety features in cars actually decrease accidents and fatalities? In fact, many researchers are actually blaming technology for this trend. According to studies, cell phone is the #1 cause of distracted driving across the country.

Here are some sobering statistics from the National Safety Council:

  • In 2016, 40,200 people died in traffic accidents
  • Compared to 2015, traffic deaths increased by 8%
  • In 2015, traffic deaths increased by 7.2% compared to the previous year
  • 2016 saw the highest number of traffic fatalities since the Great Recession
  • 47% of surveyed drivers believe it is acceptable to text while driving
  • 10% of surveyed drivers admitted to driving after drinking
  • 28% of surveyed drivers said they use a hand-held phone while driving

Safety advocates are concerned with the upward trend and are urging lawmakers to take action. Since many traffic accidents are preventable, it is important that states implement stricter seat belt laws, enforce speed limits, and crack down on cell phone usage while driving.

Cell Phone Use Among Culprits in Distracted Driving Deaths

Experts say that many factors play a role in the surge in traffic fatalities, namely human behavior, the overall increase in cars on the road, and complacency in lawmakers. According to researchers, bad habits such as cell phone use among drivers, not using seat belts, and speeding is becoming a concern nationwide. More and more drivers today are becoming distracted and engaging in risky behavior, including texting while driving, making calls, and playing on smartphone apps.

No matter how safe cars get, we have a long way to go when it comes to addressing the human element of operating a motor vehicle. Many people do not realize that even looking away for a split second can cause a serious accident. Not only are stricter laws necessary, but educating drivers – especially young drivers - on what not to do behind the wheel is paramount.

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