Avoiding Truck Accidents & Blind Spots

Avoiding Truck Accidents & Blind Spots

It is nearly impossible to enter a major road or highway without noticing the presence of a number of semi-trucks. As a driver of a standard vehicle, you are likely aware of the fact that you have two known blind spots, on either side. However, trucks have the unfortunate setup of having 3 to 4 blind spots: the front, either side, and the back. While truck drivers are trained to be aware of these blind spots so as to avoid a potentially tragic accident, it is still the responsibility of other drivers to do their part and partake in various safety practices.

The following are tips for staying safe while sharing the road with a truck:

  • Leave a lot of space before you switch lanes to get ahead of a truck, as a semi-truck’s hood can conceal what is directly in front of them. If you can see the entire front of the truck in your rearview mirror, including the headlights, then you can pull in front of one.
  • Do not follow a truck closely, as they have absolutely no way of knowing what is going on behind them.
  • Be patient, as trucks often move at a slower pace than regular vehicles. Due to their sheer size, it is dangerous for a truck to be barreling down the streets and roads at high speeds--while this may be frustrating, it is important you do not risk your life simply for getting somewhere a few minutes sooner.
  • Avoid the right side at all costs, as big rigs and semi-trucks need to approach right turns from a very far left turn. Making the turn will often require the truck taking up a second lane--slipping in between this gap is incredibly hazardous, as the driver cannot see you and you will likely be crushed by a truck that is huge in weight and magnitude.

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