Should I Wear a Seatbelt If I'm Pregnant?

Should I Wear a Seatbelt If I'm Pregnant?

People often take seatbelts for granted. If you were raised with them, it’s second nature to buckle up right after getting into the car. However, that changes when you become pregnant. Earlier in the pregnancy, it’s no problem to buckle up like normal. The later the pregnancy gets, however, the more problematic seatbelts can be. Where should the strap go? Will the seatbelt harm my child? These are often the questions women ask when they’re faced with the daily decision to get in the car.

It’s no surprise expectant mothers are worried about what might happen to their fetus in the event of an accident. They will do everything they can to ensure the health and wellness of their future child. However, studies have shown that fear of seatbelt harm may be unfounded. Dr. Haywood Brown, the chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Duke University Medical Center, was the senior author of this study. He and other researchers found the more restraints mothers wear, the greater chance of the fetus’s survival if she is involved in a car accident.

Despite the fact the belt can put pressure on the uterus, in order to save a baby, the mother must be kept from harm. Between 1994 and 2010, there were 126 separate cases of pregnant women who were in their second or third trimester when involved in a car accident, according to research and trauma registries at Duke University. Only 86 of these women were wearing seatbelts, and of this group, there were only 3 unborn babies who died (3.5% of the cases). Of the 12 mothers who were not wearing seatbelts, 3 fetuses also died (25% of the cases).

Make sure the next time you get into a car, you buckle up. Always wear both the lap belt and the shoulder strap, but buckle the lap belt under your belly and over your hips. This will prevent the strap from digging into you in the event of an accident. Also, ensure you put the shoulder strap between your breasts and off to the side of your belly. Don’t place the shoulder strap under your arm. Remember the more your body is protected in a car accident, the more likely your baby will be as well.

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