Can the Music I Listen to Affect My Driving Habits?

Can the Music I Listen to Affect My Driving Habits?

Many of us like to listen to our favorite songs while we are driving. In fact, research has shown that playing your favorite music in the car improves your mood and overall outlook. But does playing your favorite music actually make you a better driver? In this blog, we explain the different ways that music can impact your ability to safely drive a vehicle.

Choosing Your Beat

One study suggests that playing upbeat music while you drive can actually end up being an accident hazard. The beat of the music you select can increase your risk of being involved in an accident. People who like to drive to fast music, or music with an upbeat tempo, have the tendency to speed and drive recklessly.

Scientific research shows that upbeat music can increase a person’s adrenaline levels and accelerate their heartbeat. This not only influences a driver to increase their speed, but also causes distractions that can be dangerous when you are behind the wheel.

The genre of the music you listen to while driving can also impact your habits. People who listen to heavy meatal often drive fast, while people who listen to hip-hop tend to brake and accelerate more suddenly than the other drivers.

What Kind of Music Should I Drive To?

According to Dr. Simon Moore of London University, ideal driving music should match a person’s resting heart rate (60-80 beats a minute). Music at this tempo does not affect a driver’s adrenaline and doesn’t alter their mood in a way that affects their driving habits. It should also be noted that listening to music you don’t like can be as much of a distraction as listening to your favorite music.

The next time you take a drive, try listening to something you don’t necessarily want to sing along with. Although this may not be ideal, doing so can help make the roads safer for all of us.

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