Can Different Music Choices Affect your Driving Habits?

Can Different Music Choices Affect your Driving Habits?

It is extremely common for most of us to turn on the radio or play our favorite playlist when we are behind the wheel, as this is what helps us easily get through our commute. It comes as no surprise we are in a better mood, and our drive goes by faster when we are listening to a song we enjoy. However, did you know listening to different music choices may possibly affect your driving habits?

When you are listening to music, you are likely distracted by the beat, lyrics, or enjoyment of the song--causing you to perhaps miss important signs of dangers, or otherwise causing you to forget to follow various safety rules and regulations. In fact, studies show that different music has different effects on your driving habits. Unsurprisingly, fast, upbeat music has the tendency to cause driver to driver rather recklessly. A variety of tempos and beats, regardless of genre, may cause one to brake, speed, or otherwise drive erratically.

Therefore, when behind the wheel, remember it’s not so much about the genre or kind of music you are listening to--instead, it is best you listen to calm and slow music. This is best classified as easy listening, which has been proven to have the least effects on a driver’s performance.

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