What are the Advantages of Settling my Case Before Litigation?

What are the Advantages of Settling my Case Before Litigation?

To resolve a personal injury case, you have two options: Either you settle your case, or continue on to a trial decision. Most personal injury claims begin in the settlement process, in which the involved parties attempt to negotiate an agreement on how to close the case. Often, reaching a compromise is not possible, so the claim progresses to the courts. In a trial, the plaintiff(s) and defendant(s) present their cases, and a judge or jury makes the final decision on how to solve the dispute.

Settling and pursing a trial each have their own benefits. In general, agreeing on a settlement is a faster, cheaper, and more secure ending to a personal injury claim.

Settling is a Faster Resolution

When you settle a personal injury claim, that is the end of your case. You will not have to go to trial, of course, and settlements usually cannot be appealed. Settling instead of deciding to pursue a trial is a good choice if your goal is to recover compensation as quickly as you possibly can, and avoid the added stress of entering the courtroom.

You Will Avoid Paying Court Fees

There are multiple expenses that arise if you choose to take a case to trial: Court fees, additional attorney hours, and the cost of hiring a witness are all more costs that you will have to pay. Settling is a less expensive choice when compared to going to trial.

You are Guaranteed Compensation

When you choose to settle, you are essentially guaranteeing yourself a payout. In court, the amount of compensation you receive and whether you get any benefits at all will be up to a jury or a judge. In a settlement, you are sure to receive compensation that you agree on.

Although settling does have its advantages, it is possible that you will simply not be able to reach an agreement with the other party. You should never settle if a negligent person and their team are not offering a just resolution to your claim. When this happens, the attorneys at Goeing Goeing & McQuinn PLLC are not afraid to go to trial to represent your rights.

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