Should I Let my Child Drive my Car if They are Under 18?

Should I Let my Child Drive my Car if They are Under 18?

The day your child gets their drivers’ license is one of the most exciting days as a parent — it’s also one of the most nerve-wracking.

Many teenagers learn how to drive in their parent’s car, and may continue using the car after they receive their license. In the state of Kentucky, allowing your child to drive your care before they turn 18 could carry legal penalties if an accident occurs.

Restrictions for Young Drivers in Kentucky

Drivers in Kentucky who are under the age of 18 must participate in the state’s graduated licensing program to become a fully-license driver. This involves obtaining a learner’s permit, completing driving hours (which must be logged and approved by a parent or guardian), and then, after an intermediate period, completing their driver’s test and getting a license. While in the in-between phase (post-permit but pre-license), young drivers are prohibited from driving between the hours of midnight and 6 a.m., and can only have one passenger in their car who is under 20 years old and not a relative. All other passengers must be older than 20 or related to the driver.

Parent Approval and Responsibility

Kentucky requires a signature from a parent or legal guardian of every young driver to approve the issue of a learner’s permit or driver’s license. When a parent or guardian signs their child’s license application, they agree to incur some liability if the driver causes a motor vehicle accident. This responsibility agreement can be revoked by the parent. To do this, the parent who signed must submit a completed Withdrawal of Responsibility form to the Circuit Clerks office. Once the revocation is approved, the child’s learner’s permit or driver’s license will be suspended until a parent or guardian agrees to the responsibility contract once again.

The process of becoming a licensed driver in the state of Kentucky involves much greater involvement from parents in comparison to other states. The decision to accept the added responsibility of supporting a young driver in Kentucky is one that each family must decide. If you have questions about the legal implications of accepting liability for a young driver, or other car accident-related inquires, contact Goeing Goeing & McQuinn PLLC for a free consultation.

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