Kentucky Propane Explosions And Gas Detectors

Kentucky Propane Explosions And Gas Detectors

As evidenced by the recent home explosion in Murray, Kentucky, propane can be extremely dangerous. Two individuals were recently killed by what investigators believe was a propane gas line leak. Propane is an explosive gas which is heavier than air. The primary safety mechanism promoted by gas companies is an odorant know as ethyl mercaptan. Propane companies instruct their customers that propane explosions and fires can be prevented by the use of this odorant as individual consumers are supposed to smell the propane before it reaches explosive levels.

The problem with ethyl mercaptan and other odorants arises when the odorant fades. This is a well known occurrence that consumers often are not properly instructed on. When the propane leaks through soil and for other reasons the smell, which is often associated with rotten eggs, can be stripped from the propane. Additionally, propane is heavier than air and can gather in basements and other low spaces. This accumulation can reach explosive levels before the odor reaches the height of a person's nose.

Propane Gas Detectors

Many of these deadly propane explosions could be avoided if propane retailers would instruct their customers on the importance of gas detectors. Propane and Natural Gas detectors are placed in the home and sound a warning even when the ethyl mercaptan has been stripped. Propane detectors often cost the same or less than common carbon monoxide detectors which many people are already familiar with. Anyone who utilizes propane in or near their home should absolutely have a Propane detector to help avoid fires and explosions which result from propane.

Leave the Home and get a Propane Gas Leak Check

If you ever smell propane or anything that resembles rotten eggs you and everyone else in the home should immediately leave the home and go to a neighbor's house. Then call your gas company and inform them of what is happening. They should then come to your home and perform a propane system leak check and otherwise make sure that your home or business is safe. It is of the upmost importance that you insist of a propane or natural gas leak check by a properly trained technician before reentry into the home or building. The injuries which result from a propane gas explosion can be devastating and often result in death.

Kentucky Propane Explosion Attorneys

The attorneys at Goeing Goeing and McQuinn all too often see instances in which a loved one would not have been injured or killed if homeowners had been properly instructed on the usage of propane and propane gas detectors. If you have any questions about the usage of a propane gas detector, call us now and we will be more than happy to provide you with safety information regarding propane. If a loved one has been injured or killed by a propane gas explosion, consult with one of our attorneys now. We have a team of experts which will investigate your case and help determine if you may have a claim that results from a propane gas explosion. Our propane gas explosion attorneys have the experience and resources required to properly prosecute claims for personal injury and wrongful death resulting from Propane Explosions.


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