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If I Let Someone Else Drive my Car, am I Liable for an Accident?
If I Let Someone Else Drive my Car, am I Liable for an Accident?

Allowing a friend or family member to drive your car may seem like a harmless, helpful act. On many occasions, it is, but if that friend or family member is involved in a collision , you could face the legal consequences. Your responsibilities following such a situation will ...

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  • Should I Let my Child Drive my Car if They are Under 18?

    The day your child gets their drivers’ license is one of the most exciting days as a parent — it’s also one of the most nerve-wracking. Many teenagers ...

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  • Kentucky Supreme Court Says Police Can be Liable for Chases that Cause Accidents

    The state Supreme Court of Kentucky ruled that law enforcement can be liable for damages if a police car chase causes injury or death to the person ...

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  • Kentucky Office of Highway Safety Promotes Anti-Speeding Campaign

    The Kentucky Office of Highway Safety (KOHS) started its summer anti-speeding campaign, “Obey the Sign or Pay the Fine.” The campaign is funded by the ...

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  • Safety Tips and Laws for Riding an ATV in the State of Kentucky

    An ATV is a complex machine — all riders should prepare themselves with knowledge of these vehicles and the necessary safety procedures before ...

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  • Can a Biker Be Found At Fault for a Car-Bicycle Accident?

    In an accident case, the person who is most greatly injured is not always the person who is entitled to the most compensation. This is more often than ...

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  • What Types of Nerve Injuries Result in Erb’s Palsy

    What Is Erb’s Palsy? Erb-Duchenne palsy, or “Erb’s palsy,” is an obstetric brachial plexus disorder that affects approximately 2 out of every 1,000 ...

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  • Is My Personal Injury Settlement Taxable?

    On December 22, 2017, President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) to reduce individual income tax rates, eliminate personal exemptions, ...

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  • March Is National Brain Injury Awareness Month

    Each year, over 2.5 million Americans sustain traumatic brain injuries (TBI) due to terrible falls, traffic collisions, combat situations, assaults, ...

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  • Bizarre Dog Attack Case Heads to Grand Jury

    Kentucky is a “strict liability” state when it comes to dog attacks and dog bites. In other words, a dog’s owner can be held liable for a victim’s ...

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