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Proposal To Equip Cars With Black Boxes Offers Promise For Auto Accident Injury Victims
Proposal To Equip Cars With Black Boxes Offers Promise For Auto Accident Injury Victims

Many people know that black box data recorders, which are also known as "event data recorders" (EDRs), play a critical role in reconstructing a commercial airline crash to determine the cause of the tragedy. Far fewer people realize that this technology also provides a vital ...

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Blog Posts in 2012

  • Mix Of Speed And Alcohol Contributes To Many Fatal Car Accidents

    While there are many forms of driver negligence that can cause a serious motor vehicle accident, certain types of risky driving behavior are ...

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  • How Drivers Should Handle A Kentucky Car Accident

    When drivers leave home, few consider the possibility that they may be involved in a car accident as they navigate the streets of Winchester or the ...

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  • Fatigued And Tired Drivers Are A Serious Auto Accident Risk

    Because many families need to work longer hours, sleep deprived drivers have become a significant source of severe car crashes. Sleepy drivers may ...

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  • Fungal Meningitis Outbreak In Kentucky

    According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the death toll caused by the outbreak of fungal meningitis has risen to 32 individuals in ...

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  • High-Tech Driving Distractions Are Not The Only Cause Of Driver Inattention

    While there has been extensive media coverage of the dangers of auto accidents caused by cell phones while driving, inattentive drivers were one of ...

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  • Kentucky Drivers Using Cell Phones Still Serious Accident Risk

    Despite Kentucky laws designed to prevent use of cell phones when driving, distracted driving remains one of the leading causes of Kentucky car ...

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  • Should I Sign A Release From An Insurance Company After An Automobile Accident?

    Kentucky saw 127,524 car accidents in 2011, killing 282 people and leaving 2,088 with incapacitating injuries. Those are statistics that touch all of ...

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  • Surgical Items Left Behind During Surgery

    A common type of medical malpractice involves items left inside a patients body following a surgery. Many times, items like sponges, gauze, clamps, ...

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  • Kentucky Landlords Potentially Liable For Dog Bites

    The Kentucky Supreme Court recently issued an opinion that can treat landlords as owners of their tenants dogs. The case was entered June 25, 2012 and ...

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